accidents 2In Elkin, people love their cars. We are a town known for having an automobile culture. People get in their vehicles, and to show them to the world. Plus, people in our area like to get in their cars and see the world around us. Located in the foothills of western North Carolina, Elkin is in close proximity to Stone Mountain, the Allegheny Mountains, the Virginia Creeper Trail, and the High Country. 

When you crank the engine, you expect your vehicle to take you to the places you want to go. Whether it’s work, school, or exploring our beautiful area, you do not anticipate getting in an accident along the way. However, it happens every day, and your experience will be more positive if you are prepared. We want to make sure you know what to do in the unfortunate event of an automobile accident. 

Automobile Accidents and Crash Repair Elkin, NC

Here are eight key steps to take before and during a car crash:

1) Prepare for an accident before it happens by including emergency supplies in your vehicle. Emergency items should include:

  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Road flares
  • First aid kit
  • Insurance paperwork
  • Fully charged cell phones

2) Assess the situation and pull your vehicle to the side of the road if at all possible.

3) Contact police and first responders. If there are any injuries or any suspicion of injuries, contact 911. There is no reason not to have the help you need on-site.

4) Take as many photos as possible and make sure you keep them in a safe place.

5) Keep a file with all related paperwork. 

6) Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. 

7) Visit your physician as accident injuries can go unnoticed at first. 

8) Bring your car to your trusted auto body and collision repair shop. When it is time to make repairs to your vehicle, most likely you can choose your trusted repair shop.

If you have been in an automobile accident, or your car has been damaged due to something else, SRM is here to help. We repair vehicles that have been in car wrecks, working with your insurance companies to ensure the best experience possible. We know that your car is precious, so we will treat it like it was our own. If you need more information about our shop, contact us or bring your vehicle to us. We are your trusted collision repair shop in