When you’ve got an issue with your bike, you want it treated by someone who cares for it as much as you do. We’ve specialized in vintage, custom, and standard motorcycles since we opened back in 1993. 

Rest assured, your ride is respected and carefully considered here.

From wanting to restore a motorcycle you found in an old barn to completing routine maintenance, we do it -- and we do it well. 

As we work on your bike, we take the extra time to fix a noisy brake lever or sticky side stand -- whatever small pieces that need a little extra care -- in order to make the bigger picture run smoothly and effortlessly. Those tiny details can change your ride dramatically.

We use a dynamometer for accurately and safely diagnosing specific problems, as well as have access to major parts distributors. These include K&L, WPS, Tucker, Biker’s Choice, and OEM dealer parts. 

If you’re looking to complete your own repair, we can also get you parts at a competitive rate.

We also offer Cosmichrome™ spray chrome and candy finishes.

Contact us to discuss what you’re looking for.