Our first tip about hail damage is: report it to your insurance company sooner rather than later! Chances are that if there was a hail storm, there are a lot of other folks who will also be reporting it, which will create a big line.

There are a couple of ways that we can take care of hail damage.

  1. By using filler in the dents, sanding, then repainting damaged areas.
  2. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). This process pushes or pulls dents out, without causing damage to the factory finish. 
    • This requires special training! You want to make sure you use an experienced technician, as someone who doesn’t have the developed skills can cause “pimples” in the paint, or holes in the metal. 
    • This option can be cheaper than the first since you’re salvaging the factory finish and skipping the sanding.

Give us a call to talk about your hail damage or dings, and set up a free estimate.