We want to protect the future of automotive history. These classic vehicles are the roots of our passion, and are inspiring to see up, running, and cared for. 

Restorative work is highly individualized, careful work. From ground-up builds, body panel sectioning, and fabrication, to a single weld, we meticulously consider every job and complete the work with pride. 

We have the experience, technology, and innovative creativity to design and build that custom retro car or truck or restore back to the original design.

We merge old-school mechanics with new-school tech, using state of the art equipment to ensure the highest quality. An example of this is utilizing a rotisserie for the completion of a perfect frame-off restoration.

Complete restoration projects vary quite a lot in cost, typically ranging from $10,000 - $25,000 (or more), depending on the work that needs to be done and the condition of the vehicle. If you have a specific budget in mind, we can help tailor the important work that needs to be done and work with you within those constraints. 

We typically start with the most critical areas that need repair, while also preserving the original appearance of the vehicle.

Let our award-winning staff help maintain the vibrancy of your car, or bring your car to life again. Contact us to talk about the details of your specific vehicle and restoration work.