car exterior safetyElkin drivers love their cars. The town is known for being a place where people show off their automobiles. Spring and fall are beautiful times of the year where you can go on an afternoon drive through the foothills of up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Summer is perfect for hopping on the interstate and going on a road trip with your family. Winter, however, can be tough on your vehicle. Even in a southern town like Elkin, there are numerous hazards that can wreak havoc on your car‘s body. We want to help you protect the vehicle you love and count on. Here is how you can watch out for hazards and avoid or repair winter weather-related damage.

Winter Weather Vehicle Hazards in Elkin

What are the hazards winter weather poses to your vehicle’s body in Surry County?

  • Sudden changes in weather leading to vehicle accidents
  • Out-of-control drivers crashing into you and damaging fenders or more
  • Losing control on the road or in parking lots and incurring damage
  • Trees or limbs falling under the weight of heavy snow or ice
  • Rust from salt and brine solutions used to treat roads prior to and during winter weather

Your vehicle’s body is susceptible to damage in Elkin during winter weather. Knowing what conditions to expect can help you avoid damage. Some tips for being weather-aware include:

  • Make sure you are aware of the weather forecast
  • Know that the weather could change from the time you arrive and the time you depart. Wet road conditions in the daylight can quickly freeze when the sun goes down. 
  • Avoid the roads that are commonly messy during winter weather. Avoid driving if at all possible when ice and snow are on the ground. 
  • Stay off of busy roads where there are numerous vehicles all trying to navigate difficult driving conditions.
  • Do not park under tree limbs when heavy wet snow or freezing rain is expected. These conditions can bring down limbs and trees onto your vehicle.

If you have dents and dings on your vehicle’s body, the salt on the road can lead to the development of rust. SRM Paintwerks is here to provide the highest quality auto body repair services in the Elkin area. We can help you prepare your car’s body for all the winter weather the foothills will throw at it. Contact us or bring your vehicle to us to make the repairs you need to restore its shine.