If you’re looking for specialty work, you find a specialist. Look for experience and a lot of previous, happy customers. Here at SRM Paintwerks Auto Repair & Paint, we’ve got certified professionals who are fueled by ensuring our customers walk away not just satisfied, but enthralled with the outcome of their vehicle and the service they received.

We complete custom paint and bodywork on vehicles and motorcycles. If you are looking for auto repair in Elkin or collision repair, look no further.

Our custom services include:

We know that your car is as important to you as our cars are to us. We will not store your car outside in the elements while it goes through the process.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss what your vehicle needs. We pride ourselves on providing a knowledgeable, pressure-free environment where your questions get transparently answered.


Rubinstein Law Road Glide

The Ender Bike
by SRM Paintwerks & Backyard Baggers