How to Keep Your Car's Exterior Safe During Winter

How to Keep Your Car's Exterior Safe During Winter

Monday, 28 December 2020 18:05

We are in the midst of winter here in Elkin, North Carolina. As residents of the area know well, the season can be a mixed bag of all sorts of weather. One day, you may be wearing short sleeves and enjoying the outdoors, while the next you are watching the snowfall hopefully from your warm and cozy living room. Unfortunately, sometimes you find yourself with no choice but to drive when conditions are unfavorable. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s body. We want to help you avoid vehicle damage during winter in the foothills and Piedmont. Here are key tips to avoiding body damage during winter.


Be Weather-Aware

On average, Elkin receives about 9 inches of snow every year. However, some years we may see hardly any winter weather at all, while other years we can experience multiple rounds of winter storms. Furthermore, snow is not the only winter weather hazard that falls from the skies here in Piedmont. We often see freezing rain and sleet that can create even more challenges for driving during the cold season. They say if you want the weather to change in western North Carolina just wait five minutes. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that you have the best grasp on what kind of weather to expect through the course of the day, especially if you’re on the road:

  • Pay attention to the weather forecast for your location, destination, and points in between. This is especially true if you are traveling to different elevations. 
  • Follow meteorologists on social media who know the local area well.
  • Know that the weather could change from the time you arrive and the time you depart. A wet roadway in the daylight can quickly freeze when the sun sets. 
  • Avoid the roads that are commonly messy during winter weather. Avoid driving if at all possible when ice and snow are on the ground. 
  • Stay off of busy roads where there are numerous vehicles all trying to navigate difficult driving conditions.
  • Do not park under tree limbs when heavy wet snow or freezing rain is expected. These conditions can bring down limbs and trees onto your vehicle.

If you know what weather to expect, you can plan accordingly and potentially avoid incurring damage to your car’s body.

Make sure your car is properly maintained

Maintenance is not only a matter of ensuring your vehicle’s maximum longevity, it is a matter of safety on the road. Some key vehicle maintenance tips include:

  • Change your oil every three months or few thousand miles
  • Make sure your tires have plenty of tread or replace them
  • Have your tire rotated as often as the manufacturer recommends
  • Make sure your brake lines are in good condition and pads are ready for a long winter
  • Have necessary repairs made to your vehicle’s suspension 

When winter weather occurs, road conditions can deteriorate quickly. If your tires, brakes, or suspension is not properly maintained, it can make difficult conditions impossible. Your car will not be a danger to you but other vehicles as well. However, a well-maintained vehicle can help you steer and stop better when you need it most, helping you avoid fender benders and crashes that cause damage to your car. 

Repair all those dents and dings

No one likes to have dents and dings on their car’s body, but when they occur, they may seem like a mirror inconvenience. However, hail damage from the summer can lead to problems even in the winter. Creases, dents, dings, and chipped paint are key ingredients for the development of rust. When you combine those with the salt and Brian solutions used to treat roadways when winter weather is anticipated, you could be looking at problems well beyond minor inconveniences with dents and dings. 

Whether you have minor or significant body damage that needs attention before winter weather strikes, or you incur damage from ice storms or fender benders while driving during the season, SRM is here to help. We are Elkins trusted auto body shop, providing drivers in the area with the highest quality vehicle body repair services. If you want to make sure your car’s body looks great and is ready to withstand winter, contact SRM Paintwerks today.