Don’t Ignore Those “Minor” Dings and Dents

Don’t Ignore Those “Minor” Dings and Dents

Friday, 17 April 2020 09:49

The only way to prevent dents and dings is to surround your vehicle in bubble wrap, avoid driving, and park it in a dust-free garage. That’s not realistic for those of us who need our cars and trucks to get to work, run errands, operate a business, transport family and friends, and head out on the road towards adventure.

You can’t avoid dents and dings, but you can - and should - get them fixed up as soon as possible. 

We know, we know… a dent, scratch, or scrape doesn’t make your car inoperable. You can continue driving - and avoid the time and hassle of getting into a body shop for repairs. But there are a few compelling reasons why it is worth your while to get minor damage fixed sooner rather than later:

There May Be Hidden Damage 

A minor dent or ding can cause major problems. Every component of your vehicle is designed to fit and move together. If you are involved in a minor fender bender, for example, you may see some impact on your paint job. What you will not see is that parts have been pushed out of place. This can affect how your vehicle operates, lead to parts rubbing against each other, and result in further damage.

Be aware that even minor collisions can affect your vehicle’s frame, weakening it and leaving you at risk for more damage - or injury. If you are in another accident, the frame may not be able to protect you as effectively.

When you take your vehicle to a trustworthy paint, collision, and autobody shop, trained technicians can assess the damage and give you the full picture in terms of any damage.

You’re Inviting Rust to Eat Your Vehicle 

Corrosion is the enemy of every vehicle. Paint acts as a protective coating, and when you have a dent or ding, it allows moisture, salt, sand, and other elements to begin working away at the underlying metal. Once this happens, rust begins to form. Without intervention, it will continue to eat away at your car. And rust spreads like the plague! It’s difficult to control once it gains a foothold.

Not only does rust have a huge impact on the appearance of your vehicle, it can get to a point where you will not pass inspection because it is unsafe to drive. Any repairs will be extensive and expensive.

Your Resale Value Will Plummet

No one wants to buy a rust bucket. Even people who don’t particularly care about the appearance of a vehicle will be on the lookout for rust damage. This just means extra expense and hassle for them. Even if your vehicle runs great right now, rust spots can cause prospective buyers to take a pass or, best case scenario, offer a much lower price.

Don’t neglect dings and dents. It may seem like a small problem - and it is! The goal is to keep it from turning into a big problem later on. Be sure to get in touch with the pros at SRM Paintwerks: we will make those dings and dents disappear and ensure your vehicle is in top shape.