We are in the midst of winter here in Elkin, North Carolina. As residents of the area know well, the season can be a mixed bag of all sorts of weather. One day, you may be wearing short sleeves and enjoying the outdoors, while the next you are watching the snowfall hopefully from your warm and cozy living room. Unfortunately, sometimes you find yourself with no choice but to drive when conditions are unfavorable. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s body. We want to help you avoid vehicle damage during winter in the foothills and Piedmont. Here are key tips to avoiding body damage during winter.

The New Year is quickly approaching. For many people throughout Elkin and Surry County, it could not come fast enough. This has been a challenging year for president foothills and Piedmont of North Carolina. A lot of people are ready to put this year behind them and start making New Year’s resolutions. We are car people, so we cannot help but think about our vehicles when we make resolutions. In this article, we want to help you set good new year’s resolutions for your car.

When we jump in our cars, we are expecting to get from “Point A” to “Point B” without incident. We are heading to work, school, get-togethers, or to have fun with our families. We are thinking about our day, how we are going to fit everything into our hectic schedules, and whatever else is on our minds. No one expects their day to be interrupted by a car accident. However, car accidents occur every single day in Surry County, Elkin, and throughout the Triad. 

No one wants to think that an accident will happen to them, but it is important for drivers to be prepared when it does. It will be better if you know the steps to take to ensure the safest and least expensive outcome. Here are the steps to take before and after a vehicle accident.

Some projects are too big, too complex, and just too risky to do on your own. Rewiring a 200-year-old house, installing spray foam insulation, doing your own highlights (ladies, you know we’re right on this one)… these are all jobs better left to the professionals. It’s also true of your car’s paint job.

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