SRM Paintwerks is a family-owned and operated auto body repair shop. Featuring award-winning graphic artist and painter, Jody Goodwill, we’ve been offering quality refinishing, collision repair, and custom work since 1993. 

Our team of eight trained technicians have over 175 years of combined experience, ensuring the very best for your auto body repair, restoration, and custom needs.

orginal shop with addition

The original shop on the right where Jody operated until 2009. With the completion of the construction on the new addition on the left side of the Pic, SRM Paintwerks was organized.

What We Stand For and Why 

Cars and motorcycles are our passion, and customer service our specialty. Our job is complete only when the customer is completely happy.

We strive to provide a knowledge-rich, pressure-free environment where your questions and concerns are resolved expertly and transparently. 

We’ve taken years to meticulously build our team of experienced and talented car enthusiasts who have a passion for working on classic cars, muscle cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Our mission is to walk away at the end of the day knowing that our customers are beyond satisfied, and we gave 100%. 

About the Owner, Jody Goodwill

Jody Goodwill, SRM Paintwerks Owner

Jody was truly born a gearhead. 

Since he was 16 years old, Jody’s dad has owned and built classic/muscle cars. Before that, his grandfather was the owner/operator of a successful used car dealership and body shop.

Jody spent much of his youth hanging out at the body shop, learning to do bodywork and work with fiberglass to mold parts, in order to give a more streamlined look to cars and mini trucks.

Fortunately, he found that his mother’s talent for art had been passed down to him, painting his first car when he was only 16 (his dad’s 240Z).

In the early 1990s, he started customizing mini trucks and doing graphic paint jobs on these trucks. His work was featured in Mini Truckin’, Truckin’, and Street Trucks magazines.  

Jody went back to school and earned a degree in graphic design. Spending several years doing graphic design for brands like Sara Lee, Ralph Lauren/Polo, Champion, and Hanes Brand, he missed his passion: designing, customizing and painting cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

That’s when SRM Paintwerks was born, May 2009.

Since then he’s done countless show quality paint jobs, custom work on classic/muscle cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

Awards and Achievements Include...

Jody's work can be seen in: 

  • Sport Trucks
  • Mini Truckin'
  • Truckin’
  • Street Trucks
  • Tailgate
  • V-Twin magazines
  • Urban Bagger magazine
  • Barnett's Magazine (online)
  • Baggers Magazine
  • Road Iron Magazine
  • Toy Maker
  • Discovery Channels #bikerlive
  • Chopper History Podcast with Jody & Dave Perowitz

Jody's custom designs and custom paint/graphics have earned countless trophies for customers' motorcycles and a few trophies for his bikes and cars.

Some of the most prestigious awards are 4 for the prized Perowitz best paint trophies:

Merica Bike

In addition to the Perowitz Trophy, this bike won the Easy Rider Invitational Award in 2016 (best bike from all the Easy Rider Shows in 2016) plus several Best Paint in Show trophies and two People's Choice Trophies during the Geico Hot Bike Tour in 2016. Owner is SRM Paintwerks.


Native Bike

This bike won the Perowtiz Award at Sturgis in 2020. The owner is Jeff Hunt.


Cheech & Chong Bike

This bike was autographed by both Cheech and Chong and won the award at the Cave Creek Bike Week in Arizona in 2017. Owner is Dan Thrasher.


Allen Spears Black Bagger Bike

In addition to the Perowitz Trophy at one of the Easy Rider shows and many other trophies, it won the 2nd Baddest Bagger and the Biketoberfest at Daytona.


Other unique jobs include:

Teaming up with Backyard Baggers to build a motorcycle for the Knock Out Cancer Drive. As far as we at SRM can determine, this is the only uni-body bagger that has been built. The body was completely designed and built by Jody Goodwill. Also featured in Urban Bagger magazine.

Building and painting a custom unibody for a Harley Bagger on the Biker Build-Off series (Discovery Channel)

We’ve used this same design creativity with fiberglass to customize the bodies on two C2 Corvettes


SRM Paintwerks

SRM Paintwerks outgrew its facility in State Road and purchased the property and building at 970 N. Bridge Street in Elkin. Then SRM Paintwerks, Collision & Speedshop was born in May 2016.